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Uncover hidden food information to educate and empower your shoppers.  

As a grocery retailer, your shoppers care deeply about the story behind the food products in their shopping carts. Let's bring together the data and stories behind local and specialty food to help celebrate amazing products on your store shelves. We make it easy for you to showcase your commitment to sourcing products that have the attributes shoppers want. 

Put the power of Localize behind your procurement, marketing, and shelf-edge labeling:

Show shoppers information they trust with on-shelf label programs.



See what your labeling program could look like using our label builder

Discover actionable insights using Localize's database and expertise. 

Evaluate your product mix, identify sourcing opportunities, optimize your category distribution, measure impact or sales results, and enhance corporate reporting. Learn more.


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Optimize your product sourcing and discover amazing food makers.

We make it easy to source and manage portfolios of products, store-by-store. Search by attributes your shoppers want. Request a preview.


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Decoding Demand for Local

(Health, Local Economy, Freshness, Environment impact)

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