Telling the whole story behind food products.

 Consumers are demanding accurate and reliable information about the food products they buy and eat. Localize transforms data into labels and stories that consumers understand. Through transparent and authentic engagement, food brands and retailers can empower shoppers and make meaningful connections. 

How it works


Online product profiles are built by food makers and verified with data from certifiers that consumers know and trust.

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Shelf tags and on-package labels help shoppers understand where their food comes from. Scannable codes link to online product profiles where shoppers can learn the whole story behind a product.

Context allows consumers to make sense of complex food data, for example: GMO labeling, locality, certifications and claims.            

Our comprehensive database of food products and software tools can be used for sourcing new products, analyzing sustainability and local sourcing initiatives, and providing actionable insights for retailers  on procurement.

The Results


 Small and medium sized food businesses thrive in retail aisles. They have tools to tell their unique story and stay ahead of labeling regulations.

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Grocery retailers can easily manage consumer-centric and geographically specific sourcing and labeling. 

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Shoppers have information that they understand and trust. They feel connected with the people behind the food products they buy and eat.

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We started with local. Now we're simplifying transparency.

We started with local product labeling, but consumers care about factors on top of where a product is made or grown. With our expertise in attribute tagging and database full of socially relevant product information, we are uniquely positioned to tell the whole story behind the products on store shelves. Learn more about our story.

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